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Henry Greuter
born July 21, 1884 in Newark, New Jersey
died December 27, 1934, in Newark, New Jersey - age 50 years.

Father: Felix Greuter (1838-1892)
Mother: Margaret Surbeck (1843-1919)

Spouse: Hilda Roth (1894-1969)

Cause of death: Aneurysm Aorta

Aneurysm Aorta, or Aortic Aneurysm, is a general term for any abnormal swelling of the aorta, usually representing an underlying weakness in the wall of the aorta at that location. While the stretched vessel may occasionally cause discomfort, a greater concern is the risk of rupture, which causes severe pain, massive internal hemorrhage, and, unless treated immediately, death.

Henry was living with his family at 10 Sharon Avenue in Irvington when he was admitted to Beth Israel Hospital in Newark on December 19, and died at the hospital 8 days later. While his death certificate states an autopsy was performed, I have not been able to locate the results of the autopsy.

Henry left behind his wife, Hilda (Roth), and two children, 20 year-old Henry Jr. and 16-year-old Anna. It must have been a very sad and difficult Christmas for them. Henry was buried in Hollywood Memorial Cemetery in Union.