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Albert Bechtold Marriage Records

Marriage records have been somewhat elusive. Albert married Pauline Mildred Staats shortly after 1930. They had at least four children from 1932 to 1940. They moved around a lot. Between 1940 and 1951, they had six different addresses, mostly in Kearny but once in Ocean Grove, New Jersey (1948), then finally to Dayton, Ohio. They divorced in Dayton in 1956. At some point, Albert married Irene Sine. Irene had been previously married, to Michael Kreutzer. They had one daughter, then divorced in 1943. Albert died in 2005 and Irene in 2010. They are buried together at Mount Zion Park Cemetery in Beavercreek, Ohio.

Albert Bechtold and Pauline Staats Divorce Record

Irene Sine and Michael Kreutzer Marriage Record

Irene Sine and Michael Kreutzer Divorce Record