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August Henry Bevensee Birth Certificate

August Henry Bevensee, born September 29, 1895, was the son of Otto Heinrich Bevensee (1862-1943) and Anna Greuter (1876-1958). When he died 8 years later in 1903, his names had been switched to Henry August Bevensee.

August Henry Bevensee Birth Certificate

Name: August Henry Bevensee

Color: White

Date of Birth: September 29, 1895

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: 53 West Street, (Newark, NJ)

Name of Father: Otto Bevensee

Maiden Name of Mother: Annie Bevensee nee Greuter

Country of Father's Birth: Germany; Age: 33; Occupation: Hatter

Country of Mother's Birth: Newark; Age: 29*
    *It looks like Anna's age was originally written as 29, then changed to 19, her correct age.
     Anna was born in May of 1876, Otto in May 1862. There was a 14-year difference in their ages.
     They were married on May 18, 1895, 4 months before this child was born.

Number of Children in all by this Marriage: First; How many living: One