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Mary Greuter and Frederick Kluge Marriage Certificate

Mary was the daughter of Felix Greuter (1838-1892) and Margaret Surbeck (1843-1919).

Maria Greuter and Frederick Kluge Marriage Certificate

Marriage Date: June 24, 1899

Marriage Location: D. Germ. Ref. Church, 35 Blum Street, Newark, NJ

Groom: Frederick Kluge; age 24; born in Newark, NJ; occupation: Mason

Groom's Residence: 382 18th Avenue, Newark, NJ 

Groom's Father: William (Kluge); birthplace: Germany

Groom's Mother: Amalia Sieberth(?); birthplace: Germany

Bride: Maria Greuter; age 21; born in Newark, NJ 

Bride's Residence: 393 South 8th Street, Newark, NJ 

Bride's Father: Felix (Greuter) deceased; birthplace: Germany

Bride's Mother: Margarethe Surbeck; birthplace: Germany

Witnesses: Wilhelm Kluge and Elise Kern

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