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Helen J. Murphy Birth Certificate

Helen J. Murphy was initially unnamed at birth. She was the daughter of Matthew F. Murphy and Mary Ellen McCarthy. She was first named Ellen, then Helen, but the family always called her Nellie. Helen lived unmarried until the age of 79 when she died in Newark on August 1, 1970, a week shy of her 80th birthday.

Helen J. Murphy Birth Certificate

Name: Murphy

Color: White

Date of Birth: August 7, 1890

Sex: Girl

Place of Birth: 173 Lafayette Street, Newark, NJ

Name of Father: Mathew Murphy

Maiden Name of Mother: Mary E. McCarty

Country of Father's Birth: America; Age: 27; Occupation: Salesman

Country of Mother's Birth: America; Age: 27

Number of Children in all by this Marriage: 2; How many living: 2

Medical Attendant: Mrs. L. Schneider, 197 Ferry Street