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Mary Ellen (McCarthy) Murphy Death Certificate

Mary Ellen was born November 27, 1862 in Newark, NJ. She was the wife of Matthew F. Murphy (1863-1933). Mary Ellen and Matthew were the parents of Margarite Murphy (1888-1897), Helen Murphy (1890-1970), Joseph Murphy (1892-1970), Marie Murphy Vierling (1895-1985), Grace Murphy (1896- ), John M. Murphy (1898-1963), and Eugene Murphy (1903-1971).

Mary Ellen (McCarthy) Murphy Death Certificate

Place of Death: 77 Murray Street, Newark, NJ

Name: Mary E. Murphy

Last place of residence: 77 Murray Street, Newark, NJ

Sex: Female

Color: White

Marital Status: Widowed

Husband: Matthew F. Murphy

Date of Birth: March (November) 27, 1862

Age: 75 years, 11 months, 24, days

Occupation: H. W. at home

Birthplace: Newark, NJ

Father's Name: Michael McCarthy; Ireland

Mother's Name: Mary Ann Cleary; Ireland

Informant: Miss Helen Murphy, 77 Murray Street

Date of Death: November 20, 1937

Duration of illness: February 16, 1925 to November 20, 1937

Cause of Death: Chronic Endocarditis

Place of Burial: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

Mary Ellen (McCarthy) Murphy Death Certificate Amendment

Mary Ellen (McCarthy) Murphy Death Amendment
Corrections to be made to
Certificate of Death of Mary E. Murphy
Who died on Nov. 20, 1937 in 77 Murray St., Newark, NJ
Facts to be corrected:
Date of Birth: from March 27, 1862 to November 27, 1862
Age: from 74 years 7 months 24 days to 74 years 11 months 24 days
Date of Amendment: Nov. 30, 1937

(This is somewhat confusing. The original certificate clearly states she was 75 years old when she died, not 74. The amendment shows this already corrected, changing only the number of months between March and November. However, the 1900 Federal Census states she was born November of 1863. Since it is most probable that the source of information on the Census was Mary Ellen herself, and the source of information on the death certificate was her daughter Helen, I have decided to use the November 27, 1863 date as the valid one. Therefore, she was, in fact, only 73 when she died.)

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