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Frank Bauer, Sr.
born June 28, 1863 in Brooklyn, NY
died April 23, 1894, in Newark, New Jersey - age 30 years.

Father: Christian Bauer (@1835-?)
Mother: Catherine (@1831-?)

Spouse: Margaret Greuter (1868-1940)

Cause of death: Acute Diffuse Nephritis

Acute Diffuse Nephritis is a severe inflammation of the kidneys. Acute means extremely severe pain, a brief and dangerous disease, as opposed to chronic which refers to a medical condition that lasts over a long period. Diffuse means the disease was spread throughout the kidneys.

It is mostly a disease of early and middle life, though no age is exempt. Males are more often affected than females, the greater exposure, mode of life, and drink habits of the former, no doubt, accounting for the difference in the two sexes. Indulgence in alcoholic and malt beverages may be responsible for the disease, the frequency with which it appears in beer-drinkers being evidence. Workmen exposed to cold and damp, and who live in damp, poorly ventilated apartments, are subject to the disease. I have no idea what Frank's environmental conditions were back in 1894.

Frank and his wife Margaret had 3 children before he died, but 6 weeks before his death, his 3-year-old son, Frank Jr., died. Exactly seven months after Frank's death, the couple's fourth child, Marie (Mamie), was born on November 23, 1894. After burying Frank at Woodland Cemetery, next to Frank Jr., 26-year-old Margaret was left to raise her 3 small children alone.