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Last update 2/24/2019


Here you can view the actual documents I have in my research collection. They include birth, marriage and death certificates or records, obituaries, military documents, applications for social security number (SS5), and the Social Security Death Index (SSDI).

Although not actually documents, the SSDI is the information on the index cards for deceased Social Security recipients. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

You may have observed that I have only two SS5 documents (for Max and Adele Bogner). I obtained those several years ago from the Social Security Adminstration (SSA) when the cost for each was $5. The SSA was so overwhelmed with requests from genealogy researchers that they raised the price to $29.

The SSACI picks up where the SSDI leaves off, with details such as birth date and parentsí names extracted from information filed with the Social Security Administration through the application or claims process.

In the case of the military records, most are registrations for the draft that men were required to obtain during World War One and World War Two.

The "imm&nat" column contains documents pertaining to Immigration and Naturalization.


    Christian Bauer (1835-1897)                         					death
Catharine Horn Bauer (1832-1901) death obit
Otto Bauer (1861-1916) death obit
Emma Kraus Bauer (1863-1889) death
Augusta Bauer Wassmer (1885-1965) marriage obit
Henry W. Wassmer (1888-1965) marriage obit military SSDI
Thelma Wassmer Rippel (1915-1990) birth obit SSDI
John Rippel (1908-1989) obit SSDI
Otto Bauer, Jr. (1887-1888) death
Louise Bauer (1889-1889) death
Christian Bauer (1871-1873) death
Margaret Greuter Bauer (1868-1940) death obit
Frank Bauer, Sr. (1863-1894) death
George F. Bauer (1886-1974) marriage obit military SSDI
Katherine Van Driel Bauer (1890-1920) marriage death obit
Katherine M. Bauer Gorhan (1910- ) birth
Anna M. Bauer Bangert (1915-2003) birth obit SSDI
Harry F. Bangert (1914-1995) birth obit SSDI
Leona M. Bauer Morano (1917-2004) birth obit SSDI
Vincenzo Morano (1914-2009) SSDI
Frank Bauer, Jr. (1891-1894) birth death
Mamie Bauer Klaiber (1894-1980) marriage obit SSDI
Gustave Jobst Klaiber (1894-1967) marriage obit military SSDI
Wilbur G. Klaiber (1916-1979) birth obit SSDI
Isabelle Smith Klaiber (1918-2007) birth obit SSDI
Richard A. Klaiber (1943-2000) SSDI
William G. Klaiber (1945-2004) obit SSDI
James Findlay Smith (1881-1948) birth military imm&nat
Isabelle Chapman Smith (1879-1964)
James Francis Smith (1913-1978) SSDI
Mary Ann Fortenboher Smith (1930-1994) obit SSACI
Alexander Fortenboher (1885-1962) military SSDI
Mary Demeter Fortenboher (1894-1981)
Anna May Klaiber Sullivan (1919- ) birth
Edna M. Klaiber Abrams (1921- ) marriage
Donald G. Abrams, Sr. (1916- ) marriage military

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    Kaspar Greutter (1812- )         					marriage
Johanna Reitze Greutter (1805- ) marriage
Bonifacius Reitze (1840- ) birth
Josepha Greutter (1841- ) birth
Walburga Greutter (1843-1843) birth
Symphorosa Greutter (1844- ) birth
Ludovicus Greutter (1845- ) birth
Sebastian Greutter (1851- ) birth
Felix Greuter (1837-1892) birth marriage death
Margaret Surbeck Greuter (1843-1919) marriage death obit
Felix Greuter, Jr. (1867-1892) death
Herman Greuter (1874-1940) death obit military
Christina Kritzmacher Greuter (1875-1962) obit
Charles G. Greuter (1901-1985) obit SSDI
Beatrice A. Sachs Greuter (1903-1957) obit SSDI
Leroy E. Greuter (1932-1987) obit SSDI
Helen K. Greuter (1903-1985) obit SSDI
Herman Harry Greuter (1905-1972) birth obit SSDI
May Mary Greuter (1907- ) birth
George R. Greuter (1910-1987) birth obit SSDI
Margaret M. Troiko Greuter (1915-1995) birth obit SSDI
Margaret E. Greuter Muha (1912-1990) obit SSDI
Henry Greuter (1914-1982) birth obit SSDI
Mildred Greuter (1915-1916) birth death
Anna Greuter Bevensee (1876-1958) marriage obit
Otto Heinrich Bevensee (1862-1943) marriage death obit
Henry August Bevensee (1895-1903) birth death
Frederick Otto Bevensee (1896-1977) birth obit military SSDI
Tillie Roth Bevensee (1898-1980) obit SSDI
Otto Frederick Bevensee (1897-1897) death
Mary L. Bevensee (1900-1900) birth death
Edna Bevensee Figler (1902-1979) birth obit SSDI
William Figler (1902-1965) obit SSDI
William F. Bevensee (1909-1983) obit SSDI
Margaret McNamara Bevensee (1909-1973) obit SSDI
Mary Greuter Kluge (1878- ) marriage obit
Frederick Kluge (1874- ) marriage obit
Charles Greuter (1880-1953) death obit military
Sophie Rittershofer Greuter (1888-1954) death obit
Ruth Anna Greuter Devine (1907- ) birth
Felix Julius Greuter (1910-1995) birth military SSDI
Charles E. Greuter (1911-1968) birth obit military SSDI
Margaret E. Studdle Greuter (1912-1994) obit SSDI
Dorothy Greuter Bertelo (1913-1976) birth marriage obit SSDI
Michael W. Bertelo (1934-1999) marriage obit SSACI
Erna T. Leonhardt Bertelo (1936-1998) obit SSACI
Robert Clarence Greuter (1916-1982) birth obit SSDI
Eleanor F. Morris Greuter (1919-1994) obit SSDI
Charles E. Greuter (1959-2011) obit SSDI
Henry Greuter (1884-1934) death obit military
Hilda Roth Greuter Whalen (1894-1969) obit SSDI
Henry Franklin Greuter (1912-1977) birth
Anna Erna Greuter Tyson (1915-1980) birth

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    Josephina Hohschel Schuhmann (1816-1900)					death	obit
Louis Bittlingmeier (1844-1899) marriage death obit
Katharina Schuhmann Bittlingmeier Kern (1856-1925) marriage death obit
Sebastian Kern (1850-1930) marriage death obit
Margaret Bittlingmeier Zenglein (1877-1948) marriage death obit
John A. Zenglein, Sr. (1880-1947) marriage death obit military
John A. Zenglein, Jr. (1904-1904) birth death
Beatrice M. Zenglein Rears (1903-1986) marriage obit SSDI
George P. P. Rears, Sr. (1896-1978) marriage obit military SSDI
George P. P. Rears, Jr. (1928-2005) obit military SSDI
Katherine M. Zenglein Fitzsimmons (1905-1962) birth obit
Matthew G. Fitzsimmons (1898-1970) obit SSDI
Margaret J. Zenglein Pante (1909-1971) birth obit SSDI
Bartolomeo Pante (1904-2000) SSDI
Marie Zenglein Harvin (1911-1980) obit SSDI
Charles R. Harvin (1911-1991) obit SSDI
John A. Zenglein, Jr. (1914-1995) obit SSDI
Charles E. Zenglein (1915-1991) birth SSDI
Mariam G. Dill Zenglein (1921-2007) SSDI
Ernestine J. Zenglein (1917-1998) birth obit SSDI
Jenette (Bertha) Bittlingmeier (1879-1879) birth death
Clara Bittlingmeier (1879-1879) birth death
Josephine Bittlingmeier (1880-1966) birth obit SSDI
Louis Bittlingmeier (1882-1882) birth death
George A. Bittlingmeier (1883-1921) death obit military
William Anthony Bittlingmeier (1885-1969) birth marriage obit military SSDI
Anna Bauer Bittlingmeier (1888-1963) birth marriage obit
Margaret Bittlingmeier Miele Bogner (1906-1989) birth marriage death obit
Edna Kate Bittlingmeier (1907-1987) birth SSDI
William Henry Bittlingmeier (1916-1998) obit SSDI
Jean Kirkaldy Bittlingmeier Wood (1922-1993) obit
Susanna Smith Bittlingmeier (1922-2012) obit
Marion D. Bittlingmeier Speziok (1921-1991) birth
Louisa Bittlingmeier Schneider Bechtold Gammel (1846-1890) marriage death obit military
William Schneider (1836-1864) military
Jacob Bechtold (1836-1887) death military
Jacob Gammel (1844-1901) marriage death imm&nat
Theresa Gammel (1843-1890) death
Jacob Gammel Jr. (1879- )
John H. Bechtold (1866-1938) death obit
Catherine Mulhearn Bechtold (1863-1894) obit
Anna House Bechtold (1863-1919) death
Antoinette H. Baechlin Bechtold (1886- ) birth marriage SSDI
Catherine Bechtold (1888-1895) death obit
John J. Bechtold (1891-1953) death obit military
Helena K. Henn Bechtold (1863-1938) obit
William L. Bechtold (1889-1972) obit military
Ethel A. Bailey Bechtold (1890-1972) obit
Louis W. Bechtold (1913-1983) military SSDI
Alice M. Bechtold (1911-1981) death SSDI
Ethelbert W. Bechtold (1915-2008) SSDI
Robert E. Bechtold (1920-1990) military SSDI
George C. Bechtold (1924-1993) military SSDI
William H. Bittlingmeier (1856-1931) marriage death obit
Rosalee Bernes Bittlingmeier (1853-1928) marriage death

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    Max Bogner (1875-1960)								obit	military				SS5
Adele Seif Bogner (1877-1972) obit SSDI SS5
William F. Bogner (1900-1994) obit military SSDI
Frances F. Berger Bogner (1904-1981) obit SSDI
Ellen Bogner Fellers (1929-2008) obit SSDI
Raymond D. Fellers (1923-2009) obit military SSDI
Jacob (Jack) Bogner (1902-1975) death obit SSDI
Madeline M. Bogner (1904-1998) marriage SSDI
Paul F. McMenamin (1899-1961) marriage obit
June McMenamin Finkel (1927-2010) SSDI
Albert Finkel (1917-1987) military SSDI
Howard Fechtner (1928-1999) SSDI
Mark Fechtner (1961-1994) SSDI
Julia Bogner Kesselhaut (1907-1999) obit SSDI
Harry Kesselhaut (1907-1981) obit SSDI
Herbert K. Williams (1933-2013) obit
Henry Bogner (1911-1981) obit military SSDI
Rita Kesselhaut Bogner (1910-1999) birth SSDI

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    Matthew Murphy (1767-1853)					marriage
Catherine Murphy (1781-1852) marriage
John Murphy (1826-1890) birth marriage death obit
Mary E. Murphy (1827-1894) marriage death obit
John E. Murphy (1851-1911) death obit
Henrietta Volk Murphy (1850-1889) obit
Catherine Teresa Murphy Harrold (1852-1936) marriage death obit
Joseph Harrold (1854-1908) marriage obit
Matthew F. Murphy (1863-1933) death obit
Mary Ellen McCarthy Murphy (1862-1937) death obit
James A. McCarthy (1867-1900) death obit
Marguerite Murphy (1888-1897) birth death obit
Helen J. Murphy (1890-1970) birth obit SSDI
Joseph Francis Murphy (1892-1970) birth military SSDI
Marie A. Murphy Vierling (1895-1985) birth marriage SSDI
William (Paul) Vierling (1895- ) marriage military
Grace A. Murphy Wheeler (1896-1932) birth marriage death obit
Thomas G. Wheeler (1900- ) marriage
John M. Murphy (1898-1963) birth marriage obit military SSDI
Frances F. Smith Murphy (1897-1968) marriage obit SSDI
William Joseph Murphy (1928-2000) death obit military SSDI
Jacqueline Ann Bogner Murphy (1933-1994) death obit
Lee Murphy Fellows (1954-2018) obit
Eugene V. Murphy (1903-1971) SSDI
Lawrence Dyszkiewicz (1851-1924) death
Marya Mazurkiewicz Dyszkiewicz (1860-1927) death
Aniela Malecki Mazurkiewicz (1845-1917) death
John Dyszkiewicz (1892- ) birth
Sophie V. Dyszkiewicz Kramer (1895-1981) birth marriage obit SSDI
Michael Kramer (1890-1966) marriage military
Mildred Veronica Kramer (1917-1978) birth SSDI

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