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Greuter Family History

Last update 5/13/2020


The Germans


My Greuter ancestors came from a town called Singen, located in the south-western German state of Baden-Wurttemberg, right on the border between Germany and Switzerland. On June 15, 1805, my 5-times great grandfather (that's great-great-great-great-great-grandfather) Nikolaus Reitze and his wife Elisabetha (Weber) had a baby girl named Johanna Reitze. Six years later, on January 16, 1812, a farmer named Kaspar Greutter and his wife Xaveria (Reitze) had a baby boy named Kaspar Greutter (Jr.).

Years later, on June 13, 1837, Kaspar Greutter (Sr.) died. Five months later, on November 20, 1837, Johanna Reitze, who was now 32 years old and unmarried, gave birth to a baby boy named Felix Reitze. Felix's father is unknown to us.

A few years later, Johanna gave birth to another boy, Bonifacius Reitze. Finally, by the time little Felix was three years old, his mother married Kaspar Greutter (Jr) on February 15, 1841. Whether Kaspar is the father of the two boys is unknown, but we are assuming he is. Perhaps he was waiting to see if Johanna was going to provide him with sons before he decided to marry her. As a farmer, he would need sons to help him with the farm. Whatever the reason, Kaspar acknowledged Felix and Bonifacius as his sons. Felix Reitze became Felix Greutter and Bonifacius Reitze became Bonifacius Greutter.

While there is no direct evidence that Kaspar Greutter (Jr) was Felix's natural father, the consensus is that he probably was. Therefore, we are accepting the fact that Kaspar and Xaveria Greutter are our ancestors.

As for the possibility that Nikolaus Reitze and Xaveria Reitze are brother and sister, making Kaspar Greutter (Jr) and Johanna Reitze first cousins, we offer this explanation from Tom Peters: "I don't think Nicholas Reitze and Xaveria are siblings. Reitze are very common in the village. Also, they are Catholics and first cousins cannot marry without a dispensation."

If Kaspar Greutter (Jr) was hoping for more sons, then he must have become a little worried when the next three (legitimate) children born were girls: Josepha Greutter, on December 16, 1841; Walburga Greutter, on February 27, 1843; and Symphorosa Greutter, on July 10, 1844. He must have felt some relief when the next two were boys: Ludovicus Greutter, on August 21, 1845; and Sebastian Greutter, on January 19, 1851. The only one, besides Felix, that we know any more about is little Walburga who lived only six months before dying on September 4, 1843.

-------- Felix Greuter and Margaret Surbeck --------

Barely 20 miles from Singen, in the village of Oberhallau in Switzerland, Margaretha (Margaret) Surbeck was born on November 18, 1844. Her father, Zacharias Surbeck, was a shoemaker. He was born in Oberhallau on January 12, 1804. Margaret's mother, Barbara Schaad, was born there on April 5, 1808. Zacharias and Barbara were married in Oberhallau on November 20, 1831. Margaret was the youngest of five children. The others were Magdalena Surbeck, born August 1833; Barbara Surbeck, April 1935; Hans Balthasar Surbeck, June 1837; and Hans Georg Surbeck, July 1839. Years later, Zacharias and Barbara died in Oberhallau within six months of each other. Zacharias on May 21, 1871, and Barbara on November 27, 1871.

Oberhallau is in the Swiss canton (state) of Schaffhausen. According to Google Maps, you can walk from Singen to Oberhallau in about 7 hours. We don't know if Felix and Margaret met before eventually making their way to America. But we do know that they were married at the First German Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Newark, New Jersey on May 10, 1866. By the time Felix arrives in America, his surname changes from Greutter to Greuder to Greuter.

By 1870, Felix and Margaret were living in Newark with their two small children, Felix Greuter Jr. , born in Newark on November 29, 1866 and Margaret (Maggie) Greuter, born in Newark on April 5, 1868. Felix Sr. was working as a "maker of harness ornaments." By 1880, he was employed as a "milk dealer" or Milk Man. He and Margaret were then living at 393 South 8th Street, with Felix Jr. (13), Maggie (12) and three more children, Herman Greuter, born July 8, 1874, Annie Greuter, born May of 1876, and Mary Greuter, born around 1878. Young Felix Jr. was employed as a "ledger maker", later as a "cigarmaker.".

Altogether, Felix and Margaret had seven children that I know of. Their stories are told in the sections below.

-------- Maggie Greuter and Frank Bauer --------

The Greuters lived less than a mile from my Bauer ancestors. Around 1885, my 22-year-old great-great grandfather, Frank Bauer, married 17-year-old Maggie Greuter. They had four children, George Bauer (November 15, 1886), my great-grandmother Anna Bauer (April 1, 1888), Frank Bauer, Jr. (January 19, 1891), and Marie Bauer (November 23, 1894).

One year after the birth of Frank Jr., Maggie's father Felix Greuter died from pneumonia, on January 14, 1892. He was only 53 years old and left Maggie's mother Margaret a widow at 48. A few days before Christmas of that same year, Maggie's un-married 26-year-old brother, Felix Greuter, Jr. died, from pneumonia, just like his father. Margaret lost her husband and oldest son in less than one year.

Two years later, Maggie would experience the same tragic turn of events as her mother. On February 8, 1894, little 3-year-old Frank Jr. died from meningitis. It was around this time that Maggie realized she was pregnant with her fourth child, when Frank Sr. died, on April 23. He was only 30. Father and son are buried at Woodland Cemetery in Newark. When daughter Marie Bauer was born on November 23, 1894, Maggie was left alone at 26 to raise little George, Anna and Marie.

By 1900, the two widows, Margaret (Surbeck) Greuter and her daughter Maggie (Greuter) Bauer were living at the family home on South 8th Street in Newark. Living with them were 17-year-old Charles Greuter and 15-year-old Henry Greuter, born to Margaret and Felix in 1881 and 1884 respectively; their daughter Annie and her husband Otto Bevensee and their children Henry Bevensee (4) and Frederic Bevensee (3); and Maggie's children Annie (12) and Marie (5).

It's curious that the 1900 Federal Census shows that Margaret was the mother of ten children, with only six still living in 1900. I can account for only seven children.

Maggie worked as a servant to support herself and her children. She and Otto paid rent to Margaret who owned the house free and clear.

On October 10, 1919, Margaret (Surbeck) Greuter was living at the family home on South 8th Street when she died from cirrhosis of the liver at the age of 76. She is buried at Woodland Cemetery.

Maggie (Greuter) Bauer was living at 327 S. 12th Street in Newark when she died of cancer in East Orange on August 26, 1940. She was 72 years old. She joined the other family members who are buried at Woodland Cemetery.

-------- Herman Greuter and Christina Kritzmacher --------

The third child born to Felix and Margaret was Herman Greuter, born in Newark on July 8, 1874. He later worked as a "huckster" and a "vegetable or greens peddler". A huckster was a retailer of small goods, working out of a small shop, booth, or stall. He might also be a peddler who goes door-to-door, carrying his wares on a small push cart or a horse-drawn wagon.

On October 1, 1899, Herman married Christina Kritzmacher at the First German Reformed Church at 31 Blum Street in Newark. Christina was born December of 1875 in New Jersey, the daughter of Peter Kritzmacher (1829-1885) and Marie Elizabeth Weigel (1833-1894). Herman and Christina had eight children that I know of.

Herman was a slender man of medium height, with light brown eyes and black hair.

Herman and Christina moved around a lot. In the beginning, from 511 South 10th Street in Newark, to 379 South 8th Street and 397 South 8th Street, then finally by 1914 to 407 South 8th Street where they lived for several years. By 1930, they were renting an apartment at 711 South 17th Street in Newark, for $38 per month. By 1940, they were living at 301 21st Street in Irvington when Herman died of a heart attack on March 12, 1940. He was 65 years old. On his death certificate, it says he had been an unemployed huckster for the past ten years. He is buried at Woodland Cemetery in Newark.

By 1962, Christina was living at 441 Nye Avenue in Irvington when she died on June 24, 1962 at the age of 86. She is buried with Herman at Woodland Cemetery.

Children of Herman and Christina:

Charles G. Greuter, born June 8, 1901 in Newark. He married Beatrice Anna Sacks, who was born in Newark on March 9, 1903. Beatrice was the daughter of George Sacks and Mathilde Peucker. Some sources spell the surname Sachs instead of Sacks.

In 1919, Charles and Beatrice lived at 407 S. 8th Street, in Newark. By 1930, they were living with Beatrice's parents at 715 South 17th Street in Newark. Her father, George Sacks, owned the house valued at $6000. In 1937, Beatrices' mother, Mathilde Sacks, died at the age of 52. She was buried at Woodland Cemetery in Newark. By 1940, they were still living at the same place. George worked as a die setter for H. Boker and Company, a tool factory in nearby Maplewood, earning $1050 per year. Charles worked for the same company as a machine operator, earning $1000 per year.

Charles and Beatrice had three children, a daughter and two sons. The daughter, Shirley M. Greuter, was born in Newark on July 21, 1926. The sons were Kenneth Charles Greuter, born in Newark on December 23, 1928, and Leroy E. Greuter, born August 9, 1932.

In 1953, Beatrice's father died. He was buried with Mathilde at Woodland cemetery. Beatrice suffered from arteriosclerosis and diabetes for several years. She was only 54 years old when she had a fatal heart attack and died on March 17, 1957. She was buried at Hollywood Memorial Park in Union, New Jersey.

After working many years at the tool company, Charles retired in 1963. He then moved to Toms River, New Jersey. On October 12, 1985, at the age of 84, Charles died in Toms River. He is buried with Beatrice at Hollywood Memorial Park.

Shirley worked for the First Jersey National Bank's Gateway office in Newark for over 30 years, starting in 1944 when she was 18 years old. At some point, she moved to Toms River, New Jersey, and commuted daily to the Newark office. She was a member of the Brick Township Presbyterian Church and financial chairman of the Church Women United of Toms River. She was 88 years old when she died on October 16, 2014.

Kenneth was born in Newark, lived in West Orange for 25 years, then moved to Parsippany, New Jersey in 1976. He was a senior service technician at Monroe Systems for Business in New York City, working there for 44 years. He was 5' 11" tall and weighed 150 pounds. He had blue eyes and blonde hair. In December of 1950, he married Linda R. Lengle. Linda was born Elynore Lengle in 1932, the daughter of Edward P. Lengle and Clara K. Neigle Kenneth and Linda had five sons. He was 61 years old when he died on November 15, 1990. He was buried at Rosedale Cemetery in Linden, New Jersey.

Leroy was an assistant manager with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of New Jersey in Newark, where he worked for 35 years, from 1952 to 1987. He was a Master Mason and very active with various functions of the Freemasons. He was a master of the Nutley Free & Accepted Masons Lodge 25, a patron of the Bloomfield Chapter 76 Order of the Eastern Star, and a member of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon. He moved to Toms River in 1963, continuing to work at BC/BS in Newark. Leroy died August 10, 1987, in Brick Hospital, one day after his 55th birthday. He is buried with his parents at Hollywood Memorial Park.

Helen K. Greuter was born in Newark on March 20, 1903. By 1930 she was working as a "foot presser" in a toy factory. She was a member of the Manhattan Park Presbyterian Church in Irvington. After living most of her life in Irvington, she moved to Brick Township, New Jersey in 1973. She was living there when she died Nov. 21, 1985, at the age of 82. She is buried at Hollywood Memorial Park.

Herman Harry Greuter was born June 11, 1905 at 511 South 10th Street in Newark. By 1930 he was working for the telephone company. He married Johanna Licht who was born in Holland on January 19, 1905. Her parents were Jacob and Johanna Licht. The Licht family arrived in America in 1912. Herman and Johanna had two children that I know of, a daughter and a son.

By 1940 they were living at 40 Sussex Avenue in East Orange, where they paid $25 for rent. Herman had an 8th grade education. Johanna made it as far as the 6th grade.

Herman served with the Army during World War II, from March 1943 through October 1945.

On August 14, 1972, Herman died in Irvington at the age of 67. He is buried at Hollywood Memorial Park. Johanna lived for many more years. Then, at the age of 96, she died on April 13, 2001, in a New Jersey town called Phillipsburg, 50 miles west of Irvington, right on the border with Pennsylvania.

May Mary Greuter, born November 13, 1907, at 379 South 8th Street in Newark, but known as Marie. That is all I know about her.

George R. Greuter, born February 26, 1910 at 379 South 8th Street in Newark. By 1930 he was working in a "cable yard". He married Margaret Troiko. Margaret was born in Newark on February 25, 1915, the daughter of Kulman Trojko and Zuzi Zasztko. Note the original spelling of Troiko was Trojko. Both of her parents were born in Hungary.

George and Margaret had one child, a son named Raymond George Greuter. Ray was born August 30, 1948. Margaret was a Red Cross volunteer. The family lived in Hillside, New Jersey. George served with the Army during World War II, from November 1943 through November 1945.

After graduating college with a degree in education, Ray began his 38 year teaching career in Point Pleasant Boro in 1971. He lived in Brick Township, New Jersey most of his adult life. He taught music education and performed professionally on the piano at various venues around the Jersey Shore. His students referred to him as "Groover Greuter." He was musical director for many local Broadway productions, and a pianist at the Old Mill, among others, including Sunday brunch at the Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank, New Jersey. He also had a love for sailing aboard his sleek Sundancer boat.

On August 1, 1987, George died in Hillside at the age of 77; Margaret died there on April 2, 1995, age 80. They are buried together at Holy Cross Cemetery in Arlington, New Jersey.

In 2008, Ray retired from teaching. On January 10, 2013, he died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 64. He is buried with his parents at Holy Cross Cemetery. There were several memorials written about Ray. To view them, click here.

Margaret E. Greuter was born January 16, 1912 in Newark. By 1930 she was working a "foot press" in a jewelry factory. She married John J. Muha, Jr. (born 1907). They had three children, all sons, that I know of.

By 1935, they lived at 211 Maple Ave. in Irvington, renting for $37 per month. John Sr. had an 8th grade education, just like Margaret. John worked as tool maker for a toys and novelties company. His salary in 1940 was $2080. In 1970, John and Margaret moved to Brick, NJ. Margaret was a sales person in various bakeries, including Pecht's Bakery in Point Pleasant.

Margaret died March 12, 1990, in Brick Township, New Jersey, age 78. She is buried at Hollywood Memorial Cemetery. I don't know what happened to John, except that he died before Margaret.

Henry Greuter was born July 30, 1914 at 407 South 8th Street in Newark. He lived in Irvington and worked as a bartender at Jimmy's Tavern in Irvington. A few years after he retired, Henry moved to Toms River, New Jersey, in 1978. He was living in Toms River when he died on February 1, 1982, at the age of 67. He is buried at Hollywood Memorial Park in Union.

Mildred Greuter, born October 10, 1915 at 407 South 8th Street in Newark. A few months later, in 1916, a measles epidemic swept through all parts of Newark. 1,355 cases were reported in the first six weeks of the year, with 31 deaths from the disease. On April 6, baby Mildred, Herman and Christina's eighth and final child, became another sad statistic. An effective vaccination against the disease wasn't developed until the 1960's. She is buried at Woodland Cemetery in Newark.

As you can see, Charles and Henry retired to Toms River in Ocean County, while their sisters Helen and Margaret moved to nearby Brick Township. Upon their deaths, however, they were all buried back north at Hollywood Memorial Park.

-------- Anna Greuter and Otto Heinrich Bevensee --------

The fourth child born to Felix and Margaret was Anna Greuter, born May of 1876 in Newark. Meanwhile, in Germany, Otto Bevensee was born, back on May 20, 1862. His father was Henry Bevensee; his mother Christine Miller or Mueller. At some point, Otto made his way to America where he worked as a "hatter" or "hat finisher".

32-year-old Otto was living at 53 West Street in Newark when he married 19-year-old Anna on May 18, 1895. Anna was living with her family at 393 South 8th Street in Newark at the time. They were married at the German Reform Church at 35 Blum Street in Newark. Anna's sister Marie Greuter was one of the witnesses on the marriage certificate.

The young couple rented a small apartment at 53 West Street in Newark. After the birth of their second child in 1896, they moved back next to Anna's family, at 391 South 8th Street.

Children of Anna and Otto:

Henry August Bevensee, born September 29, 1895 at 53 West Street in Newark. By 1903, the family was living at 393 South 8th Street in Newark when 8-year-old Henry died from an appendicitis attack on November 3, 1903. He was buried at Woodland Cemetery.

Frederick Otto Bevensee was born December 5, 1896 at 53 West Street in Newark. He married Tillie Roth. Tillie was born January 28, 1898. Tillie was the sister of Hilda Roth who married Anna's brother, Henry F. Greuter. Frederick was 5' 9" tall and weighed 142 pounds in 1942 when he was 45. He had brown eyes, black hair and a dark complexion. In 1942, the couple was living at 1410 Springfield Avenue in Irvington. Otto was a bus driver for Public Service Coordinated Transport of Maplewood, NJ for 45 years before retiring in 1962. He was also a member of something called the Silver Club in Irvington.

Frederick died July 29, 1977 in the East Orange General Hospital when he was 80. He is buried in Rosedale Cemetery in Montclair, New Jersey. Tillie died a few years later, on February 23, 1980 in Irvington. She was 82. She was buried with Frederick in Rosedale Cemetery.

Otto Frederick Bevensee was born in October of 1897 in Newark. His mother Anna suffered complications during the delivery that left little Otto sick and weak. He died two months later on December 30, 1897. He was buried at Woodland Cemetery.

Mary L. Bevensee, born June 15, 1900 in Newark at 391 South 8th Street. She didn't fare much better than little Otto, dying at the age of six months on December 6, 1900, from a very bad bronchitis attack. She was buried with her brother at Woodland Cemetery.

Edna Bevensee, born October 2, 1902 in Newark. She married William H. Figler, who was born in Newark on July 21, 1902. In 1935 they lived in Irvington. By 1940 they were living with Edna's parents at 231 Winfield Terrace in Union. William and Edna had 8th grade educations. William worked as a shipping clerk for Purolator Products in Rahway, starting in 1927 until his death 38 years later. The couple had two children, daughters, that I know of.

When William died at the age of 63 on December 18, 1965, they were living at 15 Tulip Court in Kenilworth, NJ. He is buried at Hollywood Memorial Cemetery. Edna died several years later on May 5, 1979. She was 76. She was buried with William at Hollywood Memorial Cemetery.

William Francis Bevensee was born May 17, 1909 in Newark. He married Margaret McNamara. Margaret was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on March 31, 1909. They had one child that I know of, William D. Bevensee, born November 26, 1936.

By 1940 William, Margaret and their son were living at 470 South 21st Street in Irvington, paying $30 for rent. William had 2 years of high school; Margaret an 8th grade education. William served with the Navy during World War II. After his discharge, he was a receiving clerk for Kraft Foods of Hillside. Around 1966, the family moved to Bloomfield, New Jersey. Margaret was employed as a fitter for Hahne & Company in Montclair for 20 years.

After Margaret died at the age of 64 on April 7, 1973, William finally retired from Kraft after 40 years of service. Ten years after Margaret's death, William died on June 13, 1983 at the age of 74. He and Margaret are buried at Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Montclair, New Jersey. Their son, William D., was an Army veteran. He died on May 4, 1999 and was buried at the Garrison Forest Veterans Cemetery in Owings Mills, Maryland.


In 1935 Otto and Anna lived in Irvington. By 1940 they were living at 231 Winfield Terrace in Union, a house they owned, valued at $5000. Otto had a 5th grade education; Anna, 8th grade.

Otto and Anna were still living at 231 Winfield Terrace in Union when he suffered a heart attack on October 4, 1943. He died 4 days later on October 8 in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Elizabeth. He was 81. He was buried at Woodland Cemetery in Newark.

Anna died years later when she was 82 years old, on August 8, 1958, at 15 Tulip Court in Kenilworth, New Jersey. She was buried with Otto at Woodland Cemetery.

-------- Mary Greuter and Frederick Kluge --------

Felix and Margaret's fifth child was Mary Greuter, born September of 1871 in New Jersey. She was 21 years old when she married 24-year-old Frederick Kluge on June 24, 1899, at the Dutch German Reformed Church in Newark. Frederick was born around 1874 in New Jersey. At the time of their marriage, he was living at 382 18th Avenue in Newark. Mary was living at 393 South 8th Street.

Fred worked as a mason. His father was William Kluge; his mother Amalia Sieberth. By 1920, Mary and Fred had moved to 737 South 18th Street, and in 1929 they moved to 431 Clark Avenue in Union Beach, New Jersey. They owned the house there valued at $1800. As far as I know, they never had children. In July of 1949, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with 100 friends and relatives at the Cambridge Avenue firehouse in Union Beach.

On March 4, 1957, Fred died of a heart attack at his home in Union Beach. He was 85. He was buried at Cedarwood Cemetery in Hazlet, New Jersey. Mary died a few years later on December 8, 1960 at the age of 82. She is buried with Fred at Cedarwood Cemetery.

-------- Charles Greuter and Sophie Rittershofer --------

The sixth child born to Felix and Margaret was Charles Greuter, born June 21, 1881 in Newark. Early in his career he worked in an "iron moulder" operation, later as a "huckster", and later still as a fruit peddler. Around 1906, he married Sophia (Sophie) Rittershofer. Sophie was born in Newark on August 23, 1888.

Charles stood five foot six inches tall and weighed 175 pounds. He had hazel eyes, brown hair and a ruddy complexion.

Initially, the couple lived at 95 16th Avenue in Newark. They didn't stay long in one place, moving several times to apartments on 15th Avenue and 8th Street. By 1930 they were living at 504 15th Avenue in Newark, renting for $30 per month. By 1940 they were living at 862 South 18th Street in Newark - rent $42. Education-wise, Charles and Sophie had reached as far as the 7th grade.

Children of Charles and Sophie::

Ruth Anna Greuter, born June 6, 1907 in Newark. She had an 8th grade education. She married William Devine around 1926. William was born around 1904. By 1940, he was working as a deliveryman for a travel company. As far as I know, they had one child, a son, born around 1926.

Felix Julius Greuter was born on March 15, 1910 at 543 15th Avenue in Newark. He had an 8th grade education. In 1930, he worked in a laundry. By 1940 he was a deliveryman for a travel company, earning $1872. He served with the Army during World War II. He was 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 190 pounds. He married a woman named Margaret, who was born around 1912. Felix died on April 14, 1995 in Port Richey, Florida, age 85.

Charles E. Greuter was born October 9, 1911 at 393 South 8th Street in Newark. In 1930, Charles worked in the shipping department of a leather factory. He married Margaret Studdle, who was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on September 19, 1912. By 1935, the couple was living at 482 Grove Street in Irvington, renting for $25 per month. Both had schooling through 8th grade. Charles worked as a helper in a towel supply company, making $1275 per year.

Charles served with the Army during World War II, from March 1943 through April 1946.

On August 31, 1968 Charles died when he was just 56 years old. He and Margaret were living at 405 Stuyvesant Avenue in Irvington. He was buried at Gate of Heaven Cemetery in East Hanover, New Jersey. In 1984, Margaret moved to Cedar Grove, New Jersey. On February 18, 1994, she died at the age of 81 in the home of her sister, Elizabeth (Studdle) Puglisi, in Fairfield, NJ. She was buried with Charles at Gate of Heaven Cemetery.

Dorothy Greuter was born June 12, 1913 at 393 South 8th Street in Newark. In 1930, 16-yr-old Dorothy worked as a presser in a woolen mill. On March 15, 1933, she married Michael Bertelo. Michael was born around 1906, the son of Anthony Bertelo and Mary Litella. He worked as a machinist in a machine shop. He worked steadily in 1939, earning an annual salary of $2000. The couple lived at 7 20th Avenue in Irvington with three small children, a son and two daughters.

The son, Michael William Bertelo, the oldest of the siblings, was born in Union on January 10, 1934. He served in the Army during the Korean War. He was employed by Bell Atlantic-New Jersey in South Plainfield for 33 years, retiring as manager in 1992. Michael was married to Erna Leonhardt. They had two daughters, JoAnn Bertelo and Michele Bertelo. They lived in Rahway. Erna was born in Union on May 22, 1936, the daughter of Adolf and Friedel Leonhardt. She worked as a bookkeeper with the Premier Die Casting Company in Avenel for eight years. She died January 2, 1998 at the age of 61. Michael was 65 years old when he died in Rahway on February 11, 1999.

Dorothy and her husband Michael lived at 1650 Stuyvesant Avenue in Union. On October 11, 1976, Dorothy died at the age of 63. Michael preceded her in death, but I don't know when.

Robert Clarence Greuter, born May 7, 1916 at 393 South 8th Street in Newark. He had an 8th grade education. By 1940, he was working in a bakery, with a salary of $1300. His wife was Eleanor F. Morris, born August 17, 1919 in Newark. The family lived in Irvington. Robert owned and operated a produce truck serving the Clinton Hill and Irvington areas for more than 40 years before retiring in 1980.

Robert and Eleanor had four children that I know of, a daughter and three sons. One of the sons, Charles E. Greuter, was born February 21, 1959. He worked for Prudential Insurance of Roseland, NJ and Macy's at Menlo Park Mall. He lived in Irvington before moving to Roselle Park where he died June 7, 2011, at the age of 52, after a long illness.

Robert and Eleanor were still living in Irvington when Robert died at the age of 66 on July 11, 1982. Eleanor moved to Roselle Park in 1987, and was living there when she died on December 21, 1994, age 75. She and Robert are buried together at Hollywood Memorial Park in Union, New Jersey.


Christmas eventually became a very sad holiday for the family. First, Charles and Sophie were living at 42 Norwood Street in Newark when he died of heart failure on December 25, 1953. He was 72 years old. Incredibly, Sophie was 66 and still living at 42 Norwood Street in Newark when she died of the same disease exactly one year later, at Columbus Hospital in Newark, on December 25, 1954. They are buried together at Hollywood Memorial Park in Union, New Jersey.

Charles and Sophie's great-granddaughter, JoAnn Bertolo, Michael W.'s daughter, believes Dorothy Greuter's husband, Michael Bertelo, also died around Christmas.

-------- Henry F. Greuter and Hilda Roth --------

Felix and Margarets' seventh and final child, Henry F. Greuter, was born in Newark on July 21, 1884. He married Hilda Roth. Hilda was born June 2, 1894, the daughter of Frank Joseph Roth Jr. and Anna Hulda Blasberg. Hilda's sister Tillie Roth, married Frederick Otto Bevensee, the son of Otto Bevensee and Anna Greuter. Anna was Henry's sister.

Henry was a short man with a medium build, with brown hair and eyes.

Early on, Henry worked as a driver for a lumber yard. By 1920, he and Hilda were living at 49 Winans Avenue in Newark. Henry was working as a motorman for the Public Trolley Company. By 1930, they were living at 2243 Morris Avenue in Union. Henry was now employed as "depot master" for a "car house".

Henry was living at 10 Sharon Ave. in Irvington when he had a heart attack on Dec 19, 1934. He lasted 1 week and died on December 27 in Beth Israel Hospital in Newark. He was only 50 years old. He was buried at Hollywood Memorial Park in Union, New Jersey.

By 1940, Hilda was living at 12 41st Street in Irvington with her 2nd husband, James Whalen. James was born in Massachusetts around 1895. He worked as a salesman for the "P. Service". His salary was $2200 per year. Both James and Hilda were grade school drop-outs. Living with them was Hilda's son, Henry Greuter and his wife, Hildegarde.

Hilda and James were living at 1281 Springfield Avenue in Irvington when, on July 15, 1969, Hilda died at the age of 75. She is buried at Hollywood Memorial Park with Henry. Although I have yet to determine the exact circumstances, James Whalen died 6 days later on July 21. I don't know where he is buried.

Children of Henry and Hilda:

Henry Franklin Greuter was born at 433 18th Avenue in Newark on August 20, 1912. He later worked as a bookkeeper for an insurance company. His wife was Hildegarde Manz born in New Jersey on October 28, 1912. Her father was born in Berlin, Germany; her mother in Solingen, Germany. Henry and Hildegarde graduated 8th grade. Henry worked as an office clerk, earning a salary of $1900 per year. Prior to their marriage, Hildegard lived in Hillside. They had two sons.

Anne Erna Greuter, born April 26, 1915 at 618 South 10th Street in Newark. Anne married Russell A. Tyson, who was born 1911 in Newark. They had a son and a daughter.

At some point, Henry, Hildegarde, Anne and Russell all moved to Jacksonville, Florida. Henry was 64 when he died there on April 30, 1977, followed by Anne on September 19, 1980. She was 65. On December 21, 1997, Hildegarde died at the age of 85, and Russell was last in 1999, age 88. They are all buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Jacksonville.

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