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Frank Bauer Jr. Birth Certificate

Frank Bauer Jr. was born January 19, 1891. He was the son of Frank Bauer Sr. (1863-1894) and Margaret Greuter (1868-1940). He lived only three years, dying February 8, 1894 from Tubercular Meningitis.

Frank Bauer Jr. Birth Certificate

Name: Frank

Color: White

Date of Birth: January 19, 1891

Sex: Boy

Place of Birth: 374 15th Avenue, Newark, NJ

Name of Father: Frank Bauer

Maiden Name of Mother: Margaret Grieter

Country of Father's Birth: Newark; Age: 27; Occupation: Hatter

Country of Mother's Birth: Newark, N.J.; Age: 22

Number of Children in all by this Marriage: 4; How many living: 3*
    *As far as I know, Frank Jr. was the third child born to Frank and Margaret.
     There must be another child that I have not found.