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John A. Zenglein Jr. Birth Certificate

John A. Zenglein Jr. was born on April 10, 1904. He was the son of John A. Zenglein (1880- ) and Margaret Bittlingmeier (1877-1948). Unfortunately, John Jr. lived for barely one hour and died from a brain hemorrhage.

John A. Zenglein Jr. Birth Certificate

Name: John Antony Zenglein

Color: White

Date of Birth: April 10, 1904

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: 115(?) 22nd Street, Irvington, NJ

Name of Father: John A. Zenglein

Maiden Name of Mother: Margareta Bittlingmeier

Country of Father's Birth: America; Age: 24; Occupation: Steam fitter

Country of Mother's Birth: America; Age: 27

Number of Children in all by this Marriage: 2; How many living: 1

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