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Joseph Francis Murphy Birth Certificate

Joseph Francis Murphy was initially unnamed when he was born on Christmas Eve in 1892. He was the son of Matthew F. Murphy and Mary Ellen McCarthy. Joseph lived unmarried until the age of 77 when he died in Newark on May 15, 1970, less than three months before his sister Helen.

Joseph Francis Murphy Birth Certificate

Name: Murphy

Color: White

Date of Birth: December 24, 1892

Sex: Boy

Place of Birth: 268 Lafayette Street, Newark, NJ

Name of Father: Mathew Murphy

Maiden Name of Mother: Mary E. McCarthy

Country of Father's Birth: America; Age: 30; Occupation: Salesman

Country of Mother's Birth: America; Age: 30

Number of Children in all by this Marriage: 3; How many living: 3

Medical Attendant: Mrs. L. Schneider

Joseph Francis Murphy Birth Certificate Amendment

Joseph Francis Murphy Birth Certificate Amendment

On December 7, 1936, Joseph had his birth certificate changed to include his full name. The amendment was signed by his mother, Mary Ellen Murphy. At the time, they were living at 77 Murray Street in Newark.

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