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William A. Bittlingmeier and Anna Bauer Marriage Certificate

William was the son of Louis Bittlingmeier (1844-1899) and Katharina Schuhmann (1856- ).
Anna's parents were Frank Bauer (1863-1894) and Margaret Greuter (1868-1940).
Document courtesy Kathryn Peters.

William A. Bittlingmeier and Anna Bauer Marriage Certificate

Marriage Date: February 5, 1905

Marriage Location: St. John's Lutheran Church, 140 Court Street, (Newark)

Groom: Wilhelm A. Bittlingmeier; age 21; born in Newark, NJ; occupation: Moulder

Groom's Residence: 390 South 8th Street, Newark, NJ 

Groom's Father: Louis Bittlingmeier; birthplace:

Groom's Mother: Catharine Schuman; birthplace:

Bride: Anna Bauer; age 19; born in Newark, NJ 

Bride's Residence: 391 South 8th Street, Newark, NJ 

Bride's Father: Frank Bauer; birthplace:

Bride's Mother: Marg. Kreuter; birthplace:

Witnesses: William Bittlingmeier and Marie Kluge

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