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Louis Bittlingmeier and Katharina Schuhmann Marriage Record

Louis was born January 24, 1844 in Hasselbach, Baden, Germany, the son of Christoph Ludwig Bittlingmeier (1808-1876) and Margaretha Gauss (1807-1867). Katharina was born in December of 1856, in Fremont, New York. Her parents were Anton Schuhmann (1818- ) and Josepha Hirschel (1820- ).

Louis Bittlingmeier and Katharina Schuhmann Marriage Record Part1 Louis Bittlingmeier and Katharina Schuhmann Marriage Record Part2

Marriage Date: August 21, 1876

Marriage Location: Newark, NJ

Groom: Louis Bidlingmeier; age 26; occupation: Hatter

Groom's Residence: Newark, NJ 

Groom's Parents: Louis and Margaretha B(ittlingmeier)

Bride: Catherine Schuhmann; age 23

Bride's Residence: Newark, NJ 

Bride's Parents: Anthony and Joseph(a) S(chumann)

After Louis died in 1899, Katharina remarried, in 1902, to Sebastian Kern.

Katharina Schuhmann and Sebastian Kern Marriage Certificate

Marriage Date: May 18, 1902

Marriage Location: St. Ann's, Newark, NJ

Groom: Sebastian Jakob Kern; age 52; born in Germany; occupation: Iron Works

Groom's Residence: 401 15th Avenue, Newark, NJ 

Groom's Father: Anton Kern; birthplace: Germany

Groom's Mother: Mary Weber; birthplace: Germany

Bride: Katherina Schuhmann; age 45; born in NY

Bride's Residence: 357 15th Avenue, Newark, NJ  

Bride's Father: Anton Schuhmann; birthplace: Germany

Bride's Mother: Josephine ???; birthplace: Germany

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