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May Mary Greuter Birth Certificate

May Mary Greuter, born November 13, 1907, was the daughter of Herman Greuter (1874-1940) and Christina Kritzmacher (1875-1962).

May Mary Greuter Birth Certificate

Name: May Mary Chriter

Color: White

Date of Birth: November 13, 1907

Sex: Female

Place of Birth: 379 8th Street, Newark, NJ

Name of Father: Herman Chriter

Maiden Name of Mother: Cristen Chritsmaker

Country of Father's Birth: U.S.; Age: 33; Occupation: Greens Peddler

Country of Mother's Birth: U.S.; Age: 31

Number of Children in all by this Marriage: 4; How many living: 4

May Mary Greuter Birth Certificate Amendment

May Mary Greuter Birth Certificate Amendment

Fifteen years after her birth, May Mary or her parents appear to be changing her name to just May. On the 1910 Federal Census, when she was two years old, her name is listed as May. On the 1920 Census, she is listed as Marie.

By 1922, the family had moved to 407 8th Street and Herman's occupation is listed as Huckster. Curiously, their ages gained one year.

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