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John E. Murphy
born June 23, 1851, in Newark, NJ
died July 12, 1911, in Newark, NJ - age 60 years.

Father: John Murphy (1826-1890)
Mother: Mary Murphy (1827-1894)

Spouse: Henrietta Volk (1851-?)

Cause of death: Heat Stroke

John was at his home at 48 8th Avenue in Newark when he died of heat stroke during a terrible heatwave that struck the United States and most of Europe during July of 1911. For nearly half the month of July, the thermometer soared into the 90s and low 100s. The humidity also increased, and the combination of heat and humidity caused thousands of deaths during that month alone. Bear in mind that this was a time before air conditioning when people wore heavier clothing than we do today.

Besides the heat and humidity, John also suffered from a weak heart. A contributory factor listed by the doctor who attended him was valvular heart disease.

Although I have no record of when John's wife, Henrietta, died, his death certificate indicates he was widowed at the time of his death, so she died before he did.

John is buried with his parents at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Newark.