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Georg Jakob Gammel
born April 23, 1844 in Oberriexingen, Germany
died December 17, 1901, in Newark, New Jersey - age 57 years.

Father: Georg Friederich Gammel
Mother: Margaretha Hildinger

Cause of death: Cerebral Hemorrhage

Cerebral Hemorrhage is caused by severe bleeding within the brain, followed by an increase in blood pressure and stroke. A severe headache followed by vomiting is one of the more common symptoms. Some patients may also go into a coma before the bleed is noticed.

Jacob was born "Georg Jakob Gammel" on April 23, 1844 in Oberriexingen, Wurtemburg, Germany. His parents were Georg Friederich Gammel and Margaretha Hildinger. Jacob arrived in America in 1870. His occupation was listed on the Federal Census as "Brewer". Sometime before 1879, Jacob married a woman named Theresa. I don't know her maiden name, but she was born in Wurtemburg on October 16, 1843. In August of 1879, they had a son, Jacob Gammel Jr.

Theresa died of a cerebral hemorrhage on January 27, 1890, at the age of 46, and is buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. Jacob is listed as the owner of the plot.

Four months after Theresa died, Jacob married Louisa Bittlingmeier, on May 20, 1890. This was Louisa's third marriage. Her previous husbands were William Schneider and Jacob Bechtold. Six months after this marriage, Louisa died from kidney disease on November 21, 1890, and buried in the Bittlingmeier family plot at Woodland Cemetery. She was only 44 years old. Her children with Jacob Bechtold were in their early 20's when she died.

In 1900, Jacob Gammel Sr. and Jr. were living at 33 Elizabeth Street in Newark. Jacob Sr. died of a cerebral Hemorrhage at St. James Hospital in Newark on December 19, 1901, age 57. He was buried at Woodland Cemetery.